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Name:Paper Key OOC
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Community description:Out of Character Community for Paper Key, a role-playing game

You are about to die.

It could be by your own hand. Or you could have chosen to give up your life. What matters is that the impending seems inevitable. You can feel the chill of it creeping over you, and in that instant, you know what to do.

There is a piece of paper nearby. A note, a torn page, a bill of money. Whatever it is, you hold it in your hands and fold it slowly into a key. You may not know why, but you know that this is the only way. You bring your strength to bear and make your way to the nearest door - you crawl if you have to.

And when you put the key against the door and turn - as if you're turning a lock - then suddenly there is another door, and the key fits perfectly in its lock, and it swings open on silent hinges. There is another world here, one where you can make a place for yourself. There will be others like you, who have come here using the paper keys.

But beware: this world is nothing like the one you know.

Will you go through the door?
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Paper Key is a community in the works based on this piece of short fiction.

We currently have a brainstorming and interest thread here, and your input on the discussion is certainly welcomed.

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